AUTOMIG (230-270-300A) PULSE



Synergic welding machine designed for auto repair.

Reliable MIG/MAG welding machines designed for repair work in the automotive industry. Tested and trusted by professionals. With all features and functions needed for auto repair welding.

Pulse MIG/MAG welding and MIG brazing
>User-friendly – speeds up your work process
>Advanced welding functions such as double pulse
>Delivers clean and strong welds

Double pulse which reduces spatter to a minimum is ideal for welding and MIG brazing. Excellent start performance is of particular importance in repair shops, where sheet-metal workers have many starts and stops during welding.

Changing wire and liner is time-consuming. That is why Automig 300 Pulse is available with up to three wire spools and torches. This makes it easy for you to switch between different materials and welding processes. The machine will automatically establish which torch/wire feed unit is active. Simply press the trigger.





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