Gas Welder’s Choice Spectacles ES003


Gas Welder’s Choice Spectacles
SKU: ES003

Key Features

>Extremely lightweight
>Unique wrap-around design for better coverage
>Temple grip equipped with thermoplastic elastomer molding, making it more comfortable for all day use
>Temple/side arms capable of tilting within a wide range (upto 60 degree) thereby adjusting to provide the best possible fit
>Adjustable temple length within a range of 13mm to customize the fit on the user’s head
>Tested at elevated temperatures, resistant to corrosion, resistant to ignition and optically tested
>Tested for disinfection and increased robustness


>With the inherent design, ES003 comes with an additional protective quality to offer.
>It is fitted with a special IR-5 lens, making it is an ideal choice for protection to the eyes during welding operations.


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