MIG SCOUT 350-400-500 CC/CV


MIG SCOUT 350 / 400 / 500 CC/CV

Migatronic India make MIG SCOUT 350, 400 & 500 Amps Modular IGBT Invertor based infinitely variable MMA/MIG/MAG Welding power source with separate wire feeder.

These machines come with an adjustable Inductor for spatter free welding and utilises a pancake type wire feeder with 4 roll drive unit for smooth and stable feeding of wire.

Machine has a provision for connecting a 110V pre-heater supply for Co2 welding.

Error indication is provided in the machine in case of overload.

Remarkable energy saving compared to thyristor machines and traditional arc welding machines.

MMA with arc force adjustment to use with various electrodes.

MIG SCOUT 350-400 auto-500



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