PI MMA (200-250-350-500)



Three-phase, high-performance MMA welding machines for advanced MMA welding jobs, also with cellulose electrodes.

  • Hotstart and Arc Power for smooth MMA welding
  • Automatic electrode preheating
  • Simple TIG with lift-tig ignition

Designed for heavy-duty MMA welding, also with cellulose electrodes. Ideal for on-site welding and repairs. Favourite equipment for professional MMA welders.


Three types of control panel
  • TIG DC for welding in all materials except aluminium and aluminium alloys. The panel also makes MMA welding with most types of electrodes possible.
  • TIG DC with HF ignition without pulse function.
  • MMA/350 CELL for traditional MMA welding with most types of electrodes / for welding with cellulose electrodes. The panel also makes simple TIG welding with lift-tig ignition possible.
  • The Arc Power function reduces the risk of the electrode sticking to the weld pool. It makes it easier to be efficient and carry out excellent welds.


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