Pi Plasma


Pi Plasma

The Pi 350 Plasma is a high-performance water-cooled welding inverter dedicated to plasma welding in automated welding processes in the current range 5-350 A.


>Mild steel up to 8 mm, stainless steel up to 10 mm
>Low heat input – minimal deformation of material
>Safe ignition with Pilot arc
>Protected tungsten electrodes – Longer life, fewer
interruptions of operations


Pi 350 Plasma in automated setup is the optimal solution to rationalisation of welding processes in modern production.


The Pi 350 Plasma welds sheet metals in up to 8 mm mild steel and 10 mm stainless steel. The machine welds with three optional pulse functions: traditional pulse, quick pulse, Synergy PLUS™ – or without pulse – using all plasma processes: plasma-melt, plasma-press and plasmakeyhole welding. In TIG welding, the output is up to 500 A.


  1. Electronic control of gas flow and water flow in the torch
  2. Built-in gas-saver kit
  3. CAN-BUS communication
  4. 100% duty cycle in plasma welding
  5. Remote control kit
  6. Diffusion-safe gas hose
  7. Pilot arc – safe ignition


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