Workman High Ankle Black Leather Safety Shoes FS21


Workman High Ankle Black Leather Safety Shoes


Key Features

  • Has a steel toe made from carbon steel that protects the user’s feet from impacts
  • Lightweight shoes which are highly durable and have ultimate shock absorption
  • Has bellow tongue which prevents spillage of water and liquids inside the shoe
  • Metallic D-ring and flat laces for better knotting grip
  • Red stitching with bonded thread
  • Excellent grip, comfort and slip resistance



  • We offers a wide range of shoes having double density PU/PU soles which are injection moulded onto the shoe.
  • These double density PU/PU outsoles provide ultimate shock absorption and durability, while remaining light in weight and flexible. This safety shoe is a fast wearing and quick release lace up shoe.


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