Chemical Environment User’s Choice Goggles ES008


Chemical Environment User’s Choice Goggles
SKU: ES008

Key Features

>Has clear lens
>Sealed fit with head band
>Can be used over prescription glasses
>Has a soft and wide PVC casing around the rim to ensure 100% sealing of the eyes against chemical/liquid splashes
>Optical class 1
>Comes with indirect ventilation slits on both the top and the bottom parts of the rim to allow for air circulation
>Has a fully adjustable elastic head band for a snug fit
>Hard-coated lens for scratch resistance, anti-fog


>Wrap-around wide vision style safety spectacles with adjustable elastic head band. It provides 99.9% UV protection and has a scratch & impact resistant Polycarbonate clear lens.
>Can be used over prescribed glasses. Fully adjustable elastic head band for a snug fit. It has indirect ventilation.
>It can be used in industrial settings where protection against chemical and liquid splashes is required.
>It provides frontal impact resistance. It is flame resistant, resistant to medium impact energy of high-speed particles at extremes of temperatures.
>To provide an ultimate level of eye protection from chemical and liquid splashes, ES008 becomes an ideal choice for the wearer.
>Anti-fog properties in lens decreases fogging thereby enhancing clarity in vision.
>Smoked lens offers protection from excessive glare and reduces blinding brightness.


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