Electric Arc Welder’s Choice Eyewear ES004


Electric Arc Welder’s Choice Eyewear
SKU: ES004

Key Features

>Has a wide soft PVC body which provides an excellent comfort to the wearer
>Comes with a flip-up window to enable clear vision during those times when welding operation is not in progress
>Comes with four indirect ventilation caps- two on top and two at bottom
>Comes with fully adjustable elastic headband for a snug fit
>Lens can easily be replaced
>Tested at elevated temperatures, resistant to corrosion, resistant to ignition and optically tested
>Tested for disinfection and increased robustness


Equipped with a special IR-11 lens and a broad soft PVC body which provides the wearer a wider protective sealing area, the ES004 is an ideal choice for a variety of electric art welders.


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