Sigma Select 300-400-550 A C/S




Sigma select series machines are premium line of GMAW Welding power sources using advanced microprocessor based IGBT inverter technology, by utilizing synergic lines for all weldable materials and different wire grades and gas combinations.

Along with being technologically advanced, it maintains MIGATRONIC A/S standards of being rugged and user friendly and are preferred solution in Shipyards and rail coach factories across the country.

Through years of experience and innovation, Sigma Select is designed for welding in a league of its own. It makes the most complex welding tasks seem easy, and it makes you capable of producing welds of the highest quality in every material – from mild steel to special alloys.

  • Customise Sigma Select to fit your needs
  • Upgrade the machine throughout its entire service life
  • Select welding functions such as DUO Plus, Intelligent Arc Control and MigaLog, Intelligent spatter control
  • Advanced equipment, yet simple to operate

Sigma Select is ideal for devoted welders in professional welding productions. The perfect machine for site welding operations and heavy industry.




Amazing technology Migatronic sigma select welding machine - YouTube



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